Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy

You as an individual

tsiRenew is our new inspirational coaching and counselling service, designed to support your emotional and psychological well being and help you live YOUR LIFE in YOUR WAY.

Renew your energy, drive, motivation and enthusiasm for the self you really are.

We offer:

• Individual counselling and psychotherapy

• Couples counselling

• Therapy group experiences

• Transformational workshops

Corporate clients

Being good at your job and performing beyond expectations demands more than qualifications and experience, it also requires:

• Fantastic self awareness

• Confidence in who you are and what you can achieve

• Psychological strength and well being

• The right support to use that strength and sustain emotional and psychological focus

We can help you to do this through:

• A fresh approach to strategic planning using new techniques emerging from a greater understanding of how the individuals in an organisation operate.

• Culture change programmes based on a greater awareness of what makes teams work.

• Maximising individual performance through an improved sense of self-belief.

• Expert employee counselling and support.

All out counsellors and psychotherapists are qualified and experienced. Grainne is herself a qualified life coach and Gestalt Psychotherapist.

Whether you are an individual, a group or team or an organisation we can help you make the changes you desire.

Contact Grainne at for more information or an informal chat.